YAFFH: Yet Another Free File Host

YAFFH is a free file host that stores your files forever.

The permalinks returned by YAFFH will never expire and will still work even if we go out of business trying to host your files.

Currently, only Mozilla Firefox supports the YAFFH uploading interface but the permalinks work in all standards-compliant browsers.


What file formats are supported?
All of them and then some.
Is there a maximum file size limit?
No. You may upload files of any file size.
What are the shortcuts?
Add a new file.
Remove last file.
Skip to a specified permalink.
Skip to a specified file.
How are the files instantly uploaded with Ajax?
Advanced Instajax™ technology developed by Elijah Grey hacks your browser and pre-uploads files that are determined to be most likely to be uploaded by you. It determines this based on your most recently modified files.
How are the files instantly downloaded by my browser?
YAFFH hacks your browser to download and cache the files before they are even requested.